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Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm PDT
obama was basically ahead in the polls, a winner's narrative. romney with a winner's narrative. i sense it's changing with big bird and "sesame street." sort of becoming self fulfilling. i'm wondering if biden is not perceived as the winner of this debate tomorrow night, is that going to make the narrative problem a loss worse for the obama campaign? >> it is if the polls that were taken out in the field in the beginning of this week are the same as the ones we saw that were taken, you know, friday night and in to the weekend and they continue to confirm that mitt romney's really surging in all the right places and that would become a problem. if there's sort of, you know, a draw between biden and ryan, where we say, boy, they both really did pretty well. ryan held his own, biden didn't say something crazy and they both have a lot of knowledge if not experience but they're credible and qualified and the obama ticket didn't mess up and then you saw in the polls more of a settling, i think you'd have a more competitive situation going in to tuesday night when obama has to face romne
Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm EDT
poll coming out tomorrow that puts romney ahead. i got no idea. you tell us, where does this race stand right now? >> it's a little complicated, but keep in mind how the trackers work. when they add a new day of interviews, they drop the oldest day. when you see obama gaining now, that means that obama's interviews yesterday were even better than those from seven days ago, conducted before the debate. similarly when you look at the three-day approval number and you see that it's gone up, that means that obama's interviews yesterday were much better than the ones conducted three days ago, which was immediately after the debate. i think what the gallup numbers tell us is romney had a really good couple of days after the debate, but since then their numbers show obama doing better. it's too early to tell whether that's noise or not but consistent with data we see. it's consistent with the poll that shows romney doing well over a long early time period that includes the days after the debate went well. it's consistent with state numbers that show bahama doing pretty well in the last t
Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm EDT
week's presidential debate. today, romney had a one-point lead in the real clear politics poll and pundits throwing suggestions in the ring of what president obama needs to do next week at the debate. here's a view of the past and the future. >> i had a different reaction to that first debate than a lot of people did. i mean, i saw -- i thought, wow. here's old moderate mitt. where you been, boy? i missed you all these last two years. now, the problem with this deal is the deal was made by severe conservative mitt. that was how he described himself for two whole years. until three or four days before the debate they got together and said, hey man, this ship is sinking faster than the "titanic." just show up with a sunny face and say, i didn't say all that stuff i said the last two years. i don't have that tax plan i had for two years. you going to believe me or your lying eyes here? come on. what are you doing? and if i eve been the president, i might have said, i hate to get in the way of this. i miss you. >> wow. >> 66 years old, ladies and gentlemen. open heart surgery just a co
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm PDT
to be seen they will confirm romney has the lead in all polls. it seems the average of all polls all year has obama aahead. the media coverage has been skrush constructed around obama as the winner. if romney takes the lead consistently, is that the danger for obama? the media narrative changes and he's coming from behind? >> that's true. it's a pretty big if. the poll of polls is much more reliable than individual polls, because they can be all over the lot. i do think there is definitely the risk of media overreaction just as we overreacted to the sense it was curtains for romney before. i suspect there will be some of the overreaction now. now that they brought out big bird, i think that really will change the trajectory here. >> game changer. you know who i miss from the republican primary? >> who do you miss? >> newt gingrich. not enough nut ewt in this campaign. let's take a look. >> he said, i will close enough deductions that wealthy americans will not get a net tax cut. now, that's a pretty clear subscription. >> and it's impossible to -- >> let me say this. standing on
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and do away with the polls. what does obama have to do and what does romney have to do tomorrow night? >> the biggest danger for obama is he comes out and just lights his hair on fire and goes nuts out there. he doesn't have a whole lot of hair to light, to that can be very dangerous. i think it's the opposite problem of -- remember with the al gore debate. he had his first debate, comes out with the sighing and gets in george w. bush's face. the second debate, it looked like the man was sedated and he could not be awakened for anything and it was an overreaction. that's the biggest danger for obama. the pressure is really on him here, and he needs to thread the needle and be forceful without being overbearing, he needs to appear to be presidential while also getting in the gutter and mixing up with romney. it's a very difficult task, but, of course, it's one he created for himself a week ago. >> well, we've all been a little dismissive of polls today, but i'll ask you about another one, dana. the politico/george washington battleground role has romney improving his likability since t
Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT
romney was having that terrible time. i think a lot of us got carried away in the other direction when obama flopped in the first debat debate. i think we've seen swings in polls, but the fundamentals of the race haven't changed that dramatically. now maybe obama will do something tomorrow to make it change nor dramatically, but it still seems like the fundamentals are where they've been for a long time now. >> steve, what do you think about this new trend to aggregate the swing state polls andle that will tell you what? >> no. there's a new one out today that takes 10, 12, 15 of so-called battleground states and gives you romney is ahead by two points. can we do away with these in the future? these have no value whatsoever. give me the national numbers and individual state numbers. we have no historical basis for comparison for a bunch of battlegrounds. we can look at national horse race numbers, aat this point they were here and today they're here. this gives us a way to compare the races. you can't do that with 12 random battleground states thrown together. you don't know when that
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm PDT
battleground polls are out telling us whether mitt romney's comments ruffled any feathers among voters. according to our latest nbc poll obama holds a one point lead. ohio the gap is down to six. in virginia it's slipped for one to obama and up one for romney. the president is still ahead but nationally mitt romney has actually taken the lead. ten days ago obama head a four point lead in that average. today mitt romney leads by more than a point. but when you look at just the swing states, president obama is leading almost every one of them albeit by a reduced margin. these are numbers just from the last states. let's put them through the spin cycle. guys, all of this raises an interesting possibility that i have resisted and that political science tells us shouldn't be happening. political science says generally speaking if there's movement nationally, there will be similar movement in the swing states. if there's movement in swing states will be mirrored in other states. mitt romney has not pulled ahead in swing states. look at a state like ohio, virginia, iowa, new hampshire,
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)